Tourism slogans are a important part of a tourist destination's brand identity and an important tool in the development of a national brand.

Poems without Borders are combinations of existing national tourism slogans into poems. Poems are mostly abstract, absurd and suggestive rather than descriptive and concrete, as the slogans often are themselves.

Statistical demographic research is a main tool in marketing and consumer targeting. Try to Google something on your home computer, for example "looking for a hotel in Jamaica," the next thing you know, advertising of “beautiful vacation in Jamaica” will pop up on your screen with every subsequent tab you open. 

Whoever a global citizen might be, most of us would agree: freedom of movement is not equal for everyone. Growth both in migration and tourism are two of the most significant manifestations of globalization. Countries around the world are sculpting their national identities in order to make their counties appealing to tourists and at the same time to discourage migration. Maybe that's the reason why tourism tag lines are usually so abstract and often sounds absurd.

Poems without Borders 2018, Series of 12, C-print, 11 x 14 inches each