Nature of Nations (2019-ongoing) is a series of fictional national animal symbols, inspired by heraldic design, coat of arms, history, national animal representatives, geographical borders, folk fables, and stereotypes. 

Each work in the series portrays a black-washed watercolor animal symbol centered on the paper. An outraged bear with double-headed eagle head instead of feet and wings instead of paws, is a combination of two symbols, the bear of Soviet Russia and the double-headed eagle of contemporary Russia. A bird of prey, the bald eagle, freed from the USA coat of arms with a halo made of two olive branches is staring at the viewer, its claws are empty of weapons. A lion with a foot in its mouth is outlined by the UK's borders. The national animal of Italy, a wolf, with the boot-shaped body, mimicking its country's geographical borders, looks conformed but joyful with its tongue out. An amused panda sits with the map of China outlined on its belly. A European rabbit of Monaco is generating the smell of money. A smirking sexy fox of Algeria stands or a sword-shaped horn wingless unicorn goat of Iraq, all these symbolic animalistic creatures make up Nature of Nations dictionary, a geographical zoo of personalities, individual in its nature and representative of its nation.

Nature of Nations 2019-ongoing, watercolor on paper, 22 x 30 inches, 76 x 56 cm each