Nature of Nations 2019-ongoing, watercolor on paper, 22 x 30 inches, 76 x 56 cm each.

1.Eagle, USA 2.Bear-Eagle, Russia 3.Rooster, France 4.Barbary Ape, Gibraltar 5.Llama, Bolivia 6.Fennec Fox, Algeria 7.Goat, Iraq 8.Wolf, Italy 9.Bison, Belarus 10.Dodo, Mauritius 11.Pine Marten, Croatia 12.Lion, UK 13 Rabbit, Monaco 14.Lemur, Madagascar


Nature of Nations, 2019 is watercolor portrait series of national animals, inspired by heraldic design, geographical borders, folk fables and stereotypes.

Each work in the series portrays a black-washed watercolor animal symbol centered on the paper. A bird of prey, the bald eagle, freed from the USA coat of arms with a halo made of two olive branches is staring at the viewer, its claw is empty of a weapon. An outraged bear with double-headed eagle head instead of feet and wings instead of paws, is a combination of two symbols, the bear of Soviet Russia and the double-headed eagle of contemporary Russia. A seductive double-headed female rooster of France is flirting with the audience. The national animal of Italy, a wolf, with the boot-shaped body, mimicking its country's geographical borders, looks conformed but joyful with its tongue out. A European rabbit of Monaco is generating the smell of money. A smirking sexy fox of Algeria stands or A goat of Iraq is toped with a sword-shaped horn, all these symbolic animalistic creatures make up Nature of Nations dictionary, a geographical zoo of personalities, individual in its nature and representative of its nation.