If There Is A Bear series, 2018, ink and graphite pencil on unprimed canvas, found postcards, 30 x 30 inches each. Installation view Aperto Raum, Berlin, September-October 2018

IF THERE IS A BEAR (after Reagan 1984 Election Ad “The Bear")

If There Is A Bear series is inspired by the 1984 U.S. presidential campaign of Republican Party candidate Ronald Reagan. The election commercial, titled The Bear (created by Hal Riney), featured a grizzly bear wandering through a forest, accompanied by the statement that if there is a bear, the bear could be dangerous and it would be wise to be prepared. The Soviet Union was traditionally symbolized by a bear and the ad is a perfect example of the Cold War narrative. 

Since 1984 "There is a bear in the woods" has become a popular phrase to describe a potential political problem. Nowadays, once again, the phrase “there is a bear in the woods” is used to refer to a potential danger of Putin’s Russia.

If There Is A Bear series follows the 1984 advertisement narrative and applies its language to other political superpowers; US- If there is an eagle in the sky; China- If there is a panda on a tree; UK- If there is a lion in the prairie; France- If there is a rooster in the yard.