Alina Bliumis, Amateur Arsenal Watching at Passport Control, Album 2016-2017, Series of 30 works on paper, 12x9 inches each, Relief etching on paper, Unique. 


Amateur Arsenal Watching at Passport Control focuses on weapons which are featured on passport covers from countries around the world. From spears to a Kalashnikov, from Angola to USA, this series explores the intersection of arsenal and nation.

Weapons are often one part of a national system of hereditary symbols, or a coat of arms, and appear debossed in metallic gold on passport covers. I spotted 69 weapons on 30 passport covers.

For the series, I isolated each weapon from its national symbolic context and drew it true to the source, with a focus on the weapons’ characteristics: a pineapple war club (Fiji), a widely used AK-47 (East Timor), a whalebone taiaha (New Zealand) and the earliest form of gun and artillery, a cannon (Haiti).

Each weapon was drawn on a copper plate, etched and one copy printed. Prints are organized in four groups: Arsenal of North America/South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia/Australia.

Amateur Arsenal Watching at Passport Control, Album 2016-2017 is comprised of 30 works on paper, 12x9 inches each, relief etching on paper, unique.